Top 5 Christian Facebook Pages

Top 5 Christian Facebook Pages

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Top 5 Facebook Pages

Whether you like the new Facebook changes or not, our news feeds have become much busier, swamped with photos, updates and videos, not all of which are worth our viewing time. While there might be people on your feed you wish to see less of, there are many Christian Facebook Pages out there that are determined to create worthwhile feeds for their online followers. So I thought I would take this chance to compile my “Top 5″ list of Christian Facebook Pages you should ‘like’ in order to keep your news feed a spring of helpful and interesting posts (obviously apart from our own amazing page at

5. YouVersion

YouVersionYes they do more than create the world’s most widespread Bible phone application, their vision is to continually encourage the world to engage with Gods word in a real way and their Facebook page follows suite. is described as a place for community, with the Bible as the centerpiece. So you can expect scripture posts, reading plans, all the latest YouVersion updates and honest questions from those managing their page.

4. I Am Second

iamsecondIf you’ve been following the feature videos from, you will have seen some of the remarkable testimonies of Christian celebrities from I Am Second. They have devoted their space on Facebook to extend their movement aimed at inspiring people of all kinds to live for God and for others. This is a page to keep you encouraged in your determination to Be Second and to give hope to those who have not found it yet.

 3. Relevant Magazine

Relevant MagazineWe hope you are already familiar with Relevant Magazine, who do a stellar job with one of the best Christian magazines available. Their Facebook page is a fantastic way for you to stay tuned to the latest articles, reviews, podcasts and videos through your Facebook news feed. Make sure you visit the magazine homepage as well, where you’re sure to find something that interests you amongst all that Relevant has to offer.

2. Got Questions

Got QuestionsGot Questions is a volunteer based ministry designed to assist others in their understanding of God, Salvation and Scripture. While the main portion of their efforts are devoted to their website, their Facebook page is continually updated with Christian articles based around some of the biggest questions of Christian faith; as well as some of the more interesting ones. Liking this page is a great way to stay resourced with decent responses to faith questions.

1. International Christian Concern

International Christian Letting you know when and where persecution is happening and how you can help. This is an amazing page dedicated to suffering believers by providing them with assistance, advocating on their behalf, and raising awareness of their plight, especially in the West where the mainstream media neglects to report their suffering. This is not a page just for you to ‘feel good’ or ‘be informed’, it’s a challenging page that will change your Facebook news feed by giving you insight into what 200 million believers around the world are facing; while we’re on our Facebook. Now that’s definitely something worth incorporating into the scrolling list of updates you see every day.



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    1. Fiona Cameron
      Fiona Cameron

      Hi Dom,
      The pages you have mentioned have become quite successful haven’t they, especially Jesus Daily. Although they weren’t as big a deal back in 2011 when this blog was written and two of the four you have mentioned weren’t even in existence back then.

      It is good to see how quickly they’ve grown though. Very positive.

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