Top 5 Christian Apps

Top 5 Christian Apps

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Top 5 Christian Apps
Top 5 Christian Apps

UPDATE: See the 2013 list here.

Several weeks ago I wrote an article describing a few ways in which my iPhone has begun to dictate the way I live my life, from taking care of business (whatever that means) to communicating with everyone, literally everyone. Today however, I’ll take this opportunity to point out perhaps the most valuable part of owning a smartphone: applications. Application developers have worked tirelessly to create ways in which your smartphone can help in almost any area of your life, and also this useless area and this one. But today I have put together my list of Top 5 Christian Apps, and believe it or not, these are all free!

 5. Knowing God Personally.

Top 5 Christian Apps - Knowing God PersonallyBrought to us by Campus Crusade for Christ Australia, Knowing God Personally is a phone style booklet designed to help someone come to know Jesus and understand the life-changing message of Christianity.

While there isn’t a whole lot of content to this app, it is easy to browse and I found the answers to be helpful and each one backed with Scripture verses. Whether you would use this to lead someone to Jesus or not, it’s a great tool for understanding the beginning of the Christian walk and knowing how you could explain this to a new or non-believer.

 4. Blue Letter Bible.

Top 5 Christian Apps - Blue Letter BibleHaving been very impressed with as a resource for producing my own Bible studies, I was excited to discover that they had adapted to the phone platform in June of this year. This organization is devoted to bringing life to the study of God’s word and are planning to continue making the many features of their website available to phone users.

While the content for BLB on phone is very rich and extensive, I find it a little awkward to navigate at times and feel that this app takes a little getting used to. However I appreciate the availabilities of original languages, many commentaries and other study tools to give you a deep understanding of the passage you are studying. A thorough Bible study tool for those wishing to dig a little deeper.

 3. Got Questions?

Top 5 Christian Apps - Got QuestionsI highlighted in a recent article covering ‘Facebook pages you should like’, and now you’ll be glad to know they have tailored their resource to phone as well. With over 1800 frequently asked questions about the Bible, this volunteer ministry also utilizes blog, podcast and search functions to give a well rounded approach to their answering process.

While the layout of mobile app remains a fairly plain one, and the search function could be improved, it is logically displayed and organized, a considerable challenge for any application with such a vast amount of content for their users to sift through. I would say the best aspect of this app is the vast range of questions covered (and covered well), it seems there is a Biblical answer for almost anything on here, literally anything.

2. Stand to Reason.

Top 5 Christian Apps - Stand to ReasonSTR is an apologetics based application designed to train Christians to make a gracious and clear defense for classical Christianity and classical Christian values. With articles, podcasts, videos, blogs and letters, it’s almost hard to believe a resource of such a high standard is available for free.

Similar to some of the above applications, the layout is a little impersonal, but this is more than compensated for with the quality of material presented on STR and anyone with a desire to be well grounded in their faith would find this application very beneficial, particularly university students.

 1. Bible (by YouVersion).

Top 5 Christian Apps - Bible (by YouVersion)Now if you have a smart phone and haven’t heard of YouVersion, I would be surprised. However they more than deserve to be at the top of any list of applications for Christians and have been working relentlessly to give Bible readers the most personal experience with Gods Word possible.

Obviously the Bible app has hundreds of translations available online and offline as well as audio versions for free, but this is only the beginning. Integrated into your experience of the Bible is the possibility to read and contribute to a growing mass of community notes on passages of scripture from around the world. Other features that prove YouVersion’s Bible application to be one of the best are its notes, highlighting and especially search functions that make finding your way around God’s word on a touch screen simple and intuitive.


So there you have my list of apps that Christians should have. Be on the look out for the new app coming from very soon! It will have all the functionality of the website including, viewing, sharing, commenting, searching the incredible videos and websites on yesHEis across several platforms. It will certainly be in any future “Top 5” application lists to feature on REACH blog.


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