Messy Mondays

Sometimes you’ve just gotta laugh at yourself!

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Blimey CowThink about anytime that you have heard someone who isn’t a Christian explaining what they think of Church and Christians. What’s the usual response? If it’s not something along the lines of “borrrrrrring” or “too serious” then I’m surprised. I know that the reasons for this response is a little outdated now but sadly the reputation of taking ourselves way too seriously is still hanging around.

Fortunately for all our sakes I have stumbled upon a few people that couldn’t be doing a better job of proving the naysayers wrong. A film house called Blimey Cow are helping Christians all over do exactly what the world thinks we can’t. And that is to laugh at ourselves.

How are they doing it? Well do you ever wish you could say the thing that you are sure everyone is thinking? Especially because you know it would be funny and in a way prove insightful. That’s what Blimey Cow do. They “go there.” Some people love their stuff, some don’t. But for me I think they are hilarious. They consistently have tens of thousands of views on YouTube every week and if you haven’t stumbled across them before, once you see how funny these guys are you will probably be wishing you had earlier!

Blimey Cow are a comedy group made up of three members. The Taylor brothers, Josh and Jordan, and Kelli who is Josh’s best friend a.k.a. wife. They bring out a new video every Monday as part of a series called “Messy Mondays” that’s funny, simple, runs for a few minutes and has an inside joke kind of laugh at some elements of our culture, often the Christian side. While personally the trio are Christians, their videos make observations about wider society and don’t necessarily promote a specific philosophy or “way of thinking”. Really I think all they want is to encourage people to “use their brain” and to stop allowing the world to do the thinking for them. Their videos are transparent and the way they portray their personal struggles in life and with Christ are relatable even if your experience wasn’t exactly the same. It’s never their intention for anyone to be offended with the things that are said and while I know that this kind of humour is not everyone’s cup of tea, I highly recommend them!

One of my favorite videos is “My spiritual High is bigger than your spiritual high.” This video explores how spiritual highs we experience as Christians, typified in the video by the ones you get at Christian camps, can be dangerous to our spiritual health. We can get caught up in chasing after the “feelings” rather than truly seeking God and His spirit. We know it’s important not to live our lives based on how we feel and this video presents that concept in a very funny and actually thought-provoking way.

We all know it’s important for us to understand our faith before we can share it. Blimey Cow put a spotlight on parts of our faith that we can overlook and that are sometimes a bit taboo or even confusing. Learning to laugh at ourselves I think is actually a powerful way to step back and review the way we do things and why we do them. Making sure we’re doing things out of Gods direction rather than religious duty is so important. Jesus Himself spent a large part of His ministry pointing this out to His followers. And ultimately, if Christians can’t learn to laugh at themselves, what chance do they have of relating with the people they are trying to reach, online or off. So check out Blimey Cow’s work. Like I said, their style’s not everyones cup of tea, but for those of you who like them, I know you’ll be back for more.

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